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RJ’s Picks

October 23, 2009

Here’s My Picks

For Better Health:

  1. Protandim – Life Vantage Antioxidants
    I take one Protandim each day and have since Aug 2010.  I like being able to fight free radicals at the rate of millions per second.
  2. MonaVie – Acai BeverageWeight Managment Solution
    I drink 2 ounces of MonaVie Active (green label) daily and have since Dec 2006.  I notice more energy, better sleep, less joint pain.
    I also drink 2 MonaVie RVL Weight Management Shakes (I like the Chocolate better than the Vanilla) daily and have since October 2010.  I’ve lost 8 lbs and have maintained that loss since November 2010.  I like that I can track my progress for free at: MonaVie RVL.

For Better Wealth:

  1. AGQ – ProShares Ultra Silver
    2x leveraged Silver Etf for those inclined to equities rather than physical metal
    I’ve been investing in AGQ since 4-2010 and I’m pleased with the return
  2. KB Gold & Silver
    Free off-shore savings account to hedge a portion of your savings against de-basing currencyIt’s free to join and there’s an affiliate program as well.  I’ve been a member since 2-2010 and I’m looking forward to substantial gains with KB.
  3. Financial Survival Radio
    Each week I can’t wait for Jay Carter’s timely, informative, to the point 30 Minute Shows.
  4. Elevation Wealth
    Mike Dillard interviews various financial strategists to help educate how to profit in today’s economy.  I’ve been a member since 12-2010 and been very pleased with the knowledge I’ve gained.
  5. Wealth Cycles
    Michael Maloney is arguably one of the world’s foremost Silver & Gold Analysts.  There’s a free and a subscription portion of his site.  I enjoy the paid version.